Yesterday we finalized your questions for the March 28th Citizen’s Talk panel. Among the topics that will be discussed at the forum will be:

  • Blight
  • Consolidation/Regionalization
  • Youth, Recreation & Utilization of Resources
  • Transportation
  • Sewage
  • Marketing & Branding of the area / Jobs
  • Crime, Safety & Police Governance
  • Neighborhood & Real Estate Development / Section 8 Housing

Panelists include:

  • Tom Chernisky – Cambria County Commissioner
  • Rep. Keith Rothfus – US House of Representatives
  • Rep. Bryan Barbin – PA House of Representatives
  • Arch Liston – Johnstown City Manager
  • Melissa Komar – Johnstown Redevelopment Authority
  • Mike Atrim – Cambria County/Johnstown Chamber of Commerce
  • Kelly Callihan – Cambria County District Attorney
  • Chad Miller – Johnstown Police Department
  • Wally Burlack/Ryan Kieta – Johnstown Vision 2025
  • Mike Kane – Community Foundation of the Alleghenies
  • Michael Vuckovich – Greater Johnstown School District
  • Rosalie Danchenko – Johnstown Free Medical Clinic
  • Althea Jeffers and Yvette Penrod from Johnstown Housing Authority

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for March 28th at 6pm. See you then!



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