Johnstown United Neighbors – better known as Johnstown UN – is a Capture Team for Johnstown’s Vision 2025 movement. This well-organized & passionate movement consists of 3 Groups:

  • Life Sustaining Landscapes
  • Vibrant & Open Local Economy
  • Strong Sense of Community
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 Visioning is the first step in seeing where to go and deciding how to get there. It’s working in large places such as Pittsburgh and in smaller Pennsylvania communities such as Media. Now is the time for Johnstown. – Community Foundation for The Alleghenies

Of course, none of this is acheiveable if we don’t have Good Governance. That is why in recent years the community & it’s leaders have joined forces – something new for Johnstown – and implemented this long-term strategy that will transform Johnstown from a ‘dead old steel town’ into a unique, progressive city. This collaboration between the community and local leaders clearly shows that our neighborhoods must start working together too by consolidating working together in order to create a truly self-sustaining environment to live and thrive in.

Where does Johnstown UN fit in?

We are a Capture Team – groups of community members who organize around a specific Vision 2025 project initiative – of the Strong Sense of Community Group.

In a nutshell, “These programs will strengthen neighborhoods by increasing home values, making each neighborhood friendlier, helping to decrease crime and creating a higher standard of community pride, which will aid in forging community connections.”

How we work at Johnstown UN

We are currently focusing our efforts on a moderated public forum that will take place March 21st 2017 from 6-8pm in Kernville at Christ Centered Community Church, 531 Somerset Street, Johnstown, PA 15901. Taking part in this forum will be elected community leaders & officials who will offer our team and the public recommendations as to what we must be doing in order to improve our city. We are expecting top judges, state representatives, commissioners, council members and more to be taking part. Questions will be selected ahead of time so make your voice known by submitting your question to us HERE.

The 3 Focus Areas for Johnstown UN are:

  • Neighborhood Development
  • Youth Engagement
  • Pride & Heritage

These focus areas are at the same time separate yet vitally connected. One area cannot be seen as being more important than another because we are trying to create well-balanced & self-sustaining communities: meaning we must take into account all facets of a well-working community.

From neighborhood aesthetic enhancements to public forums we can all get involved. This is about YOU.

Get in touch with us now here for more information!

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